At Krohn Clinic, we provide primary health care for everyone, families or single persons. This includes care from pre-conception and total pregnancy care, health care for all children from newborns to college age, all adult care including women’s and men’s health, and geriatric care for our elderly. We truly view your primary health care as our family caring for yours.

Because our Family Medicine physicians have special training in many sub-specialty areas, we can provide many treatments that might normally require travel to a larger center and help from additional doctors. We are honored that you have trusted us with your health and wellness!

>> Women’s Health and Contraceptive Management

We provide a full complement of women’s health care including annual exams, cancer screening with pap smears and on-site mammograms, on-site bone density testing, screening for sexually transmitted infections, ultrasounds, prenatal care and hormone replacement therapy. We also provide comprehensive birth control management and counseling about all the different options. Several of our physicians offer longer term solutions including Nexplanon (birth control rod), intrauterine devices (IUD), and permanent solutions (tubal ligation).

>> Pediatrics

Our Board Certified Family Medicine physicians work with you to ensure your children are growing well and meeting all the expected milestones from birth to adolescence. This includes on-site immunizations as well as hearing and vision tests. We can also help you manage all the sniffles, cough, cuts, infections and injuries between well child exams.

>> OB and C-sections

All Krohn Clinic OB providers are Family Medicine physicians who are trained to care for you throughout your pregnancy, perform your delivery and then care for both you and your infant! There are also several Krohn Clinic physicians who perform Cesarean Sections and other procedures related to pregnancy, such as tubal ligations, one of whom is always on call. In addition, Krohn Clinic has Obstetric RNs who see every patient throughout the pregnancy and assist in your care.

>> What a Midlevel Provider Brings to a Clinic and Patients

Examples of midlevel providers include physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Midlevel providers obtain training in general medicine similar to that of physicians, but their education is shorter. They must pass board certifications and complete continuing education to stay up to date with ongoing changes in medicine. They are trained to diagnose and treat patients for a variety of health care needs. Midlevel providers work in collaboration with Family Medicine physicians. Because of this, they are able to improve access to high quality medical care.