As general surgeons trained to serve in a rural setting, we offer many types of procedures including hernia repair, gallbladder surgery, and emergency surgeries such as appendectomy. At their core, all hospitals need a general surgery staff in order to function. We have full-time general surgeons providing services at Krohn Clinic. Our surgeons bring big city experience to our small town, so that our patients don’t have to travel far and wide to obtain surgical services.

We perform many additional advanced, minimally invasive surgeries, such as hysterectomy, reflux surgery and more. A simple discussion with your primary care provider will educate you about what can be done locally here at Krohn Clinic. As always, we treat our patients as our own family and enjoy working and living in such a great community.

>> Endoscopy

Krohn Clinic’s department of endoscopy specializes in expert screening and diagnostic evaluations. We provide professional and personal expertise in colon cancer screening and prevention. Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death. We are here to promote prevention of this treatable and preventable disease process. We also provide diagnostic upper endoscopies to evaluate for heartburn concerns and other stomach, esophagus and small bowel diseases. We have a skilled and experienced support staff for a friendly and welcoming endoscopy experience.

>> Breast Care

The department of breast care at Krohn Clinic offers timely and expert diagnostic imaging, image focused breast biopsies and breast surgical options close to home. We offer diagnostic mammography and ultrasound with experienced and skillful support staff and radiologists. Our surgeon offers timely consultation and ultrasound-guided diagnostic breast biopsies, often the same day as your diagnostic imaging. The surgeon will discuss your treatment options and provide appropriate surgical care as needed. One in eight women will have breast cancer in their lifetime. Have you had your screening mammogram?

>> Vascular Care

Krohn Clinic’s department of vascular care offers varicose vein and venous insufficiency treatment options. A surgical consultation will identify the likely nature of your vein disease and discuss minimally invasive surgical treatment options to correct your venous disease. It is an outpatient procedure with a timely recovery. We also offer chemotherapy port catheter placement for patients in need of cancer treatment close to home.