Project Christmas 2017

“Our family caring for yours” is a way of life at Krohn Clinic.  For over 10 years, Krohn Clinic employees have held a number of events to raise money, send gifts, and collect food items for Project Christmas. This year is no different.

Dr. Mahan says of Project Christmas, “This organization never has problems finding eager participants.  It serves over 500 local families.” Dr. Mahan, his family, and a number of clinic employees volunteer their time wrapping presents, packing food boxes, and making the special deliveries for Project Christmas.

Ancillary Services Department employees are heading up the Project Christmas Committee in 2017. The Radiology Department started this spring raising money selling Seroogy™ Chocolates and the sale is continuing.

The Christmas tree is already up and with tag ornaments noting ages and genders for employees to select appropriate gifts. These days our breakroom is looking more like Christmas morning.  The committee chose a breakfast cereal drive as the food item this year.

We recently completed a successful bake sale, with a number of other events in progress.  A penny war to vote for which doctor will have the longest hairy beard or the hairiest legs by the end of November. It makes it fun when the doctors can get involved.  We appreciate all they do to support our volunteer projects.

A gingerbread house contest will complete our Project Christmas festivities. The finished gingerbread houses displayed in the main lobby will be judged by patients and employees the first week of December.

As one employee stated, “The thought of fulfilling not only the joy of a child but easing the burden on parents is a blessing to myself and my family. Jackson County is very fortunate to have such a giving community where we call Home!”